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Featured Paw Palettes Retailer—The French Press

Featured Paw Palettes Retailer—The French Press

  We are excited to highlight our nearest partner and a place we often patronize—The French Press located at the Cape Harbour Marina in Cape Coral, Florida. The café is operated by Executive Chef Benjamin Voisin and his wife Valeria, both of Hoffman Group Holdings LLC. We recently sat down for a quick question and answer session with Valeria to learn a little more about their Café.

The French Press Cafe

Q. Val, can you tell us about your Café and what makes it special?

V. The French Press, previously Run Agrounds, offers a friendly and relaxed ambience for customers to enjoy the finest coffee, fresh sandwiches, delicious pastries and artisanal Gelato. For the caffeine addicted, this is your heaven. For the foodies, here you will find the perfect French healthy food. And for the sweet tooth a paradise of color, textures and flavors delicately combine into our homemade Gelato. We focus on quality and sustainability. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered to us every morning from the local growers, and our main prospect is to support our community here in Cape Coral. Many of the ingredients that we are using are organic and we turn them into delicious creations.

Q. Delicious indeed! Besides the excellent food the atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Can you describe your average clientele? Are they seasonal? 

V. We have a nice mix of locals, tourists and seasonal clients. Our busy season is from December through April.

Q. What first attracted you to Paw Palettes products?

V. The artist and her passion!!

Gretchen Kish Serrano with Val

Q. Thanks for that! What Paw Palettes products do you currently carry?

V. We carry the Van Growl Starry Night coffee mugs.

Paw Palettes display

Q. And, well, they do look beautiful displayed in your colorful Café. I notice a lot of owners with their dogs here at the Marina. Are there any particular ways your business welcomes pet-loving clientele and their pets?

V. We have many regulars who bring their dogs with them to the Café. Our baristas are always ready with treats and water to accommodate them. We have also participated in the "Yappy Hour" dog events here at Cape Harbour.

Q. What are your most popular breeds if any?

V. We have many of the smaller breeds brought here. A lot of Westies, Shih Tzu's, Yorkies but also Golden Retrievers and Labs.

Q. They all seem to be as happy with the morning coffee routine as their masters! Thanks Val, we cannot think of a more picturesque place to have our Paw Palettes mugs than here at The French Press alongside this beautiful marina.

Cape Harbour Marina

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  • I’ve been here many times and LOVE the gelato selections. Coffee is outstanding as well. This is a great place to enjoy if you are a local Buying also love to bring visitors as wel for a our hidden gem The French Press. Love it!!


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